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Where your revenue mainly comes from? *

What is the size of the target market for your product? *

Provide a realistic estimate of the market you and your closest competitors are selling to.
Units: US$ million, example: 1000
What is your monthly revenue? *

If you run a subscription model, put monthly recurring revenue (MRR) here to avoid overvaluation due to prepayments. If your revenue is very volatile due to seasonality or other factors, please put an average amount for the last 2-3 months.
Units: US$, example: 50000
How much of monthly revenue you realistically expect to book in the 12th month from now? *

Units: US$, example: 50000
What is the gross margin of your business? *

Please provide a consistent, realistic value, which is the difference between revenues and direct costs. In SaaS, for example, these costs include the cost of providing software (hosting, etc). In marketplace, most of direct cost comes from payouts to the suppliers on the platform. In hardware, these are mainly production costs. 
Units: %, example: 60
How much cash are you burning monthly? *

If you are cashflow negative, the amount of money on your accounts decreases - put here by how much. If your business is profitable, just put zero.
Units: US$, example: 10000
How many full-time employees do you have? *

How much of new funding do you need for the next 12 months? *

Units: US$, example: 500000
What percentage of the company ownership you are ready to give away in exchange for that funding amount? *

Units: %, example: 15
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